(GZ3)Doom (1993) VR is totally worth it

Someone has ported Doom (1993) to VR and it is as vomit-inducing-awesome in VR as you would expect.

WARNING; The nausea won’t stop when you pull the headset off. Your body will need a bit longer to get used to non-VR. During this “cool off” I kept experiencing VR-sickness building.


  1. downloading it from the releases page
  2. unzip it and copy in a DOOM.WAD (Doom95 in my case)
  3. start SteamVR (and turn on your Vive and controllers)
  4. launch it with the .bat file
  5. pull the trigger and swipe the touch-pads to start a game!

I wasn’t happy with the movement controls. To save you (and future me) work, make the following changes to the .ini file for your username.

  • switch openvr_moveFollowsOffHand=true to false so that your head indicates “forward”
  • change the movement and use bindings by replacing ltrigger=+altattack with;
    • ltrigger=+use
    • lstickright=+moveright
    • lstickleft=+moveleft
    • lstickdown=+back
    • lstickup=+forward

The sauce thread mentions that Heretic works with it too. I didn’t have the emotional stamina to start with Heretic, and, after playing with Doom for 10 minutes I don’t have the stomach to.

… yet …

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