p-Unity is/was/will-be a dumping ground for stuff I’ve written in Scala/Gradle to automate the parts of Unity3D that I wish to automate.

For now; it’s a (twitchy) way to run editor tests from the command-line.

Once/when I assemble re-usable packages, I’ll be able to fill in the stubs and make it; - build pre-compile assemblies from src/(main|test)/punity/ in Gradle-Like fasion. - publish/consume code as Gradle dependencies - export packages from the command line - export players from the command line

For now, I feel that it’s 20% feature complete. I’m post this explanation to my blog because I want to merge the changes back into default and I expect I’ll want to mirror something else.

If you’ve stumbled upon this information and feel that it is/may-be useful;

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