Scala Maybe

I wrote a Maybe that I can use in Scala.

Scala Maybe

… because I wanted a lazy variant of Option[+T] for those cases where Gradle needs me to produce something, but, I know darn well that the rest of the project model hasn’t been setup.

package peterlavalle

    * like Option[+A] but lazy
trait Maybe[+T] {
    def bind[V](map: T => V): Maybe[V]

    def some: Option[T]

object Maybe {

    case object Nope extends Maybe[Nothing] {
        override def bind[V](map: Nothing => V): Maybe[V] = Nope

        override val some: Option[Nothing] = None

    private class Just[T](read: => T) extends Maybe[T] {
        lazy val some: Option[T] = Some(read)

        override def bind[V](map: T => V): Maybe[V] =
            Maybe {
                map {

    def apply[T](readit: => T): Maybe[T] = new Just[T](readit)

    def unapply[T](arg: Maybe[T]): Option[T] = arg.some
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