Open macOS Terminal in Folder

In January of 2018, you can launch macOS’s terminal with the command /Applications/Utilities/ I have (to use) a macOS computer. I choose to use TortoiseHG because it is lovely. TortoiseHG has a “launch the terminal” context menu entry. Under macOS, you need to specify the terminal command that TortoiseHG should use. You need this, in your preference, to launch the terminal in the repo; /Applications/Utilities/ %(root)s [return]

Moving Platforms in Unity3D

unity3d doesn’t like case-insisnitive file systems so; - put virtual-box on my mac - install unity in the box - install sshd in the box - tell CI to run jobs in that box! SSHd Download the latest OpenSSH for Windows binaries (package or As the Administrator, extract the package to C:\Program Files\OpenSSH As the Administrator, install sshd and ssh-agent services: > powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File install-sshd.