(GZ3)Doom (1993) VR is totally worth it

Someone has ported Doom (1993) to VR and it is as vomit-inducing-awesome in VR as you would expect. WARNING; The nausea won’t stop when you pull the headset off. Your body will need a bit longer to get used to non-VR. During this “cool off” I kept experiencing VR-sickness building. Anyway; downloading it from the releases page unzip it and copy in a DOOM.WAD (Doom95 in my case) start SteamVR (and turn on your Vive and controllers) launch it with the .

Vive Cane

I’m still alive just … busy, not bloggy … maybe someday I’ll be more bloggy. Here’s something that kept me busy … Teleporting everywhere feels wrong, so my suggestion is to use the Vive wand like a cane. Two minutes feels a bit long, but here’s a video showing it off. More or less; when you grip the/a wand - your avatar is planting a cane in the world from which you can push yourself.